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Wildlife and not-so-wildlife

Windhook is home to bobcats, turkeys, redtail hawks, golden eagles, barn owls, turkey vultures, deer, racoons, fence lizards, red salamanders, honeybees, gophers, garter snakes, red racers, sparrows, goldfinches, western tanagers, tarantulas, scrub jays, and mountain bluejays, to name a few. We have heard and seen coyotes, and have heard of cougars and rattlesnakes in the area, although they are all pretty shy.

Windhook is dressed out in red clover, blue lupine, rye grass, bull thistle, spanish thistle, California sage, artemesia, sycamore, oak, bay laurel, cascara, wild grape, and many other wildflowers.

Historically, there were cattle grazing on most of the acreage, and that will happen again when the fencing allows.

And last but not least is Beaumont - a 90 lb. classic black and tan "bawl-mouth" coonhound who was rescued at the last minute from a kill shelter in Michigan by the American Black and Tan Coonhound Club's rescue organization. We adopted him in the Spring of 2003 at about the age of 16 months.