"Great interview! Great guy! Thanks for bringing Jason Kelly into the limelight. I enjoyed all the article and have passed it along to several friends. Well done!" —Lynn

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Why We Don't Offer Outside the Lines for Free

There's a persistent illusion on the web that information is free. Yes, an illusion. What looks free is usually just bait—and that's ok, but it's anything but free.

At Outside the Lines we don't sell ads. We don't bait and switch. We have one thing to offer and we don't pretend it's free. We offer you a really deep look into the creative life for a small price that keeps the lights on and that most people can afford very easily. It's quiet here. There are no hucksters waving and shouting at you from the margins and no boobytraps set under "free" stuff. No pop-ups or fly-outs, no gimmicks, no sleight of hand...and if we do make you an offer, we tell you up front what it will cost you.

We try to keep lots of fresh samples up so you can see what it's all about, but everything you find here is true to what we are. We trust that enough of you will like it that way and pay the modest price. So if you are here for the freebees, there are a few, but they are just small samples to show you what we are here to do. And we think you'll really like what you find behind that little Amazon Payments button.